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Yip/Jump Music and Exit

Two completely random albums for you all today. The first is made by an "outsider" musician without any musical training; the second is made by an accomplished Japanese experimental artist who sounds like he's had all the training in the world.

Both are completely and unflinchingly unique, the likes of which you probably won't hear elsewhere.

Artist: Daniel Johnston
Album: Yip/Jump Music
Language(s): English

  1. Chord Organ Blues
  2. The Beatles
  3. Sorry Entertainer
  4. Speeding Motorcycle
  5. Casper The Friendly Ghost
  6. Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Your Grievances
  7. Danny Don't Rapp
  8. Sweetheart
  9. King Kong
  10. The Creature / Third Chair
  11. I Live For Love
  12. Almost Got Hit By A Truck
  13. Worried Shoes
  14. Dead Lover's Twisted Heart
  15. Rocket Ship
  16. God
  17. Love Defined (the Bible)
  18. Museum Of Love
  19. Rarely
  20. I Remember Painfully
Artist: Shugo Tokumaru
Album: Exit
Language(s): Japanese
  1. "Parachute" - 3:04
  2. "Green Rain" - 4:53
  3. "Clocca" - 3:27
  4. "Future Umbrella" - 2:04
  5. "Button" - 4:02
  6. "Sanganichi" - 2:37
  7. "D.P.O" - 1:51
  8. "Hidamari" - 4:37
  9. "La La Radio" - 5:28
  10. "Wedding" - 3:16

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심장에 남는 사람 by 정설향

Just thought I'd share something really pretty:


[1] Humming Urban Stereo - Purple Drop

Artist: Humming Urban Stereo (허밍 어반 스테레오)
Album: Purple Drop

Languages: Korean, English

Genres: electronic, pop, r&b


  1. Déjà Vu Synth
  2. Luv Life
  3. Simple Life
  4. Salsa Woman
  5. S.P.X.
  6. Waltz Sofa #2
  7. Hawaiian Couple
  8. Stalker
  9. Delight Disco
  10. Goldie
  11. Sugarparty Flow
  12. Abuse Girl
  13. 야매악사 (ヤメアツクサ) (Yamae'eoksa)
  14. Sakamoto
  15. 찰랑소녀 (Chalrangso'nyeo)
  16. Melancholy Baby
  17. Mulder Does Know
Information: Humming Urban Stereo is a Korean electropop band, sometimes incorporating elements of acid jazz and R&B. This album has quite the variety. Hope you enjoy! :)
Yes, I'm taking a break from my physics work to bring you not one, but two albums! :D

Artist: Pizzicato Five, ピチカート・ファイヴ

Album: Çà et Là du Japon

Languages:  English, Japanese

 pop, electronic, rock, shibuya-kei


  1. Janvier
  2. Nonstop to Tokyo
  3. Kimigayo
  4. Sakura Sakura
  5. Moderns
  6. Kimono
  7. Fashion People
  8. America dewa
  9. Gatta call'em all
  10. Grand Bazar
  11. Jûnigatsu Nijûyokka
  12. Sukiyaki song
  13. A Tokyo
  14. Ca et La
  15. Le grand Tokyo
  16. AIUEO
Information: Pizzicato Five or P5 are an eclectic group with fun beats. This is definitely their favourite album of mine (I think I have their full discography, if that says anything). Each song is different from the other. It's hard to describe P5 here as styles of distinct persons coming together, because they worked with many different collaborators in this album .... it's just a style of sound. Recommendations include Sakura Sakura, Kimono, and Fashion People. Tracks 12 and 16 are fun and whimsical as well. This whole group is quite whimsical, really.
[ Download ]

Artist: Blonde Redhead

Album: Misery is a Butterfly

Languages:  English

ambient, shoegaze, indie, experimental, rock


  1. Elephant Woman
  2. Messenger
  3. Melody
  4. Doll is Mine
  5. Misery is a Butterfly
  6. Falling Man
  7. Anticipation
  8. Maddening Cloud
  9. Magic Mountain
  10. Pink Love
  11. Equus
Information: I found out about Blonde Redhead through one of Ellen Page's earlier movies, Hard Candy (a good movie, by the way), and I was hooked. Blonde Redhead is an American band who currently consist of the dreamy-voiced Kazu Makino and Italian-American brothers Simone and Amedeo Pace. Lyrics are usually in English, but are sometimes in Japanese, French, or Italian. They have a really ethereal sound, but with a rawness to it.
Artist: Finders Keepers Records (Various Artists)
Album: Well-Hung
Languages: Hungarian, Assorted European

01. Anna Adamis & Gabor Presser - Ringasd el magad No.2
02. Omega Redstar - Egy lany nem ment haza
03. Metro - A penz
04. Hungaria - Vegallomas
05. Kati Kovacs - Add mar Uram az esot!
06. Corvina - A Tuz
07. Neoton - Nora
08. Tamas Somlo & Omega - Azt mondta az anyukam
09. Meteor & Demjen Ferenc - Kivanj te is nekem szep, jo ejszakat
10. Illes - A bolond lany
11. Omega - Kergeskezu favagok
12. Sarolta Zalatnay - Hadd mondjam el
13. Locomotiv GT - Megvarlak ma delben
14. Nemenyi Bela & Atlantis - Kinai fal
15. Katie Kovacs & Gemini - Nem biztos semmi
16. Piramis - Mondj egy meset
17. Skorpio - Szevasz haver
18. Omega - Felbeszakadt koncert
19. Illes - Nekem oly mindegy
20. Bergendy - Hetkoznapi Balladak

Information: What can I say about this album? It's amazing. It's bizarre in the best possible way. It's catchy, funky AND manages to rock out without ever sounding like any pop music you've heard before. At the very least, you can shove this under the nose of someone who criticizes every aspect of Communism and shout, "THIS is what oppression can do to a tired art form! Beat that!"

[ Download ]

[1] Animal Collective - Feels

Artist: Animal Collective
Album: Feels
Languages: English, Nostalgia

  1. Did You See the Words
  2. Grass
  3. Flesh Canoe
  4. The Purple Bottle
  5. Bees
  6. Banshee Beat
  7. Daffy Duck
  8. Loch Raven
  9. Turn into Something
Information: Animal Collective are a group of experimental art-rockers from Baltimore consisting of Avey Tare, Panda Bear, Geologist and (sometimes) Deakin. Their highly-prolific career has influenced many artists, including other celebrated indie icons Grizzly Bear and Deerhunter. "Feels" is their (very arguably) best album, combining their rockist leanings with a steady hand at provocative experimentations to evoke something best described as "idiosyncratic nostalgia".


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[1] 푸른새벽 - Vol. 1 - 푸른새벽

Artist: Bluedawn, 푸른새벽 (Pureun Saebyeok)

Album: 푸른새벽 (Pureun Saebyeok)

Language: Korean


  1. 집착 (Jibchak)
  2. Boby
  3. 스무살 (Seumusal)
  4. Paper Doll
  5. 시념 (Shinyeom)
  6. April
  7. 자위 (Jawi)
  8. 푸른자살 (Pureunjasal)
  9. 푸른새벽 (Pureunsaebyoek)
  10. 소년 (Sonyeon)
  11. 잘자 (Jalja)
Information: Bluedawn is a duo consisting of Dawn and Ssoro (Sorrow) whose music consists of soft acoustic melodies. Their music is very low-key and calm. Overall quite pretty sounding. They have an indie folksy feel to them, but with a melancholic sound rather than raw, edgy, or angry.


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